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Account Minimum Opening Deposit Monthly Fee Monthly Transaction Fees Min. Bal. to avoid monthly fees ATM fees at other banks
All American Checking $100 $8.00* no per check charges $1,000 Avg. Dly Bal. or $3,000 in linked accts None
Select Checking $100 $5.00* $.25 per check after 10th check None None

* $2.00 per month reduction with Direct Deposit

All American Checking
It's easy to qualify for an All American Checking account with no monthly service charges or monthly transaction fees. Select any of these three ways and start saving today!
1. Maintain an average daily balance of $1,000 in your checking account, or
2. Keep total combined savings balances of at least $3,000 in your personal American Bank savings accounts, or
3. Have a consumer loan, mortgage or EquityLine at American Bank.

This unique checking-savings-loan link gives you lots of ways to get the benefits you want and avoid paying monthly checking service charges and transaction fees.

FREE, unlimited ATM transactions at other banks ATM's
With All American Checking there is never a service charge or annual fee for using other banks ATM's. With over 285,000 ATM's worldwide, you can use your MasterMoney Card or your ATM card to obtain cash from thousands of locations displaying NYCE® or Cirrus® logos. In Connecticut, that is over 1,500 ATM's. We also belong to the SUM program. Use ATMs of participating banks free of surcharges.

FREE, First order of personalized checks.
When you open an All American Checking account, we've selected a special package of 200 personalized, wallet style checks that you'll receive free.

Earn competitive interest on your balance.
With a low minimum opening deposit of $100, you'll earn competitive interest rates on your entire checking balance when you maintain an average daily balance of $100.

Free telephone access to your account with AccessLine.
For up-to-date information, call AccessLine, our audio response unit at (203) 596-2266 in the Waterbury area or 1-800-701-9401 from other locations. You can get information 24 hours a day about account balances, checks that have been paid and deposits you've made. You can transfer funds between certain designated accounts and make payments to American Bank loans.

Free automatic deposits simplify your banking.
It's easy to set up automatic deposits and payments so you don't have to handle these details yourself every month. We can make your regularly scheduled American Bank loan payments for you. And, you can sign up for automatic deposit of your social security, government, payroll or other recurring monthly checks.

Select Checking
Select Checking is a Basic checking account that offers you an alternative to maintaining minimum monthly balances. With a low monthly service charge of $5.00, it's ideal if you limit the number of checks you write each month to ten. After that you'll pay $.25 for each additional check.

Get Started Today
All American Banking gives you the power to save money on ATM fees and monthly maintenance fees that will add up to substantial savings for you in the future. For more details about All American Checking and Select Checking or to open an account, just stop by any branch office.